The place is Shimokita Peninsula, Aomori Prefecture, a spot where spirits are said to gather. With the emerald green sea and mysterious rocks, I think it is a world class tourist spot in Aomori prefecture.

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Bus from Mutsu City to Sai Village. It is recommended to take a pleasure boat from Sai village. Or by boat from Aomori Port (fastest way from Aomori City).


It is a good to listen “Osorezan” before going to Hotokegaura

This CD has a mysterious magnetic force, so if you have a strong inspiration, be careful. Someone will come near you who thinks you’re listening to “Osorezan” in the middle of the night. The sign may be that electricity such as fluorescent lamps blinks, or it may flash.

The reason why this CD, Shuji Terayama from Aomori Prefecture, has power, because he carries the “voices of his unborn sons” sung by Mako Midori, and the grudge of Tohoku. We shouldn’t forget the tears of the region where the Great Depression of around 1930 caused a famine, daughters being sold and starving dead. They may be sleeping or wandering around here.

When I tried to take a picture on this beautiful beach, I suddenly be struck in the stomach and I dropped the camera from my hand. When I wanted to pick it up and moved my eyes forward, what came into view was a mother and daughter in white clothes with bills.
At that moment I understood. And whispered in my head, “Don’t take a picture.” Everything has inevitability. This may be a phenomenon called that.


Hey Guys!

Are you interested in spiritual Japan? I would recommend going to Hotokegaura.

The sea is very beautiful and the air is fresh. But if you have a six sense, Hotokegaura, This is a place where you can feel the mystery. Sometimes you seem to see a departed soul over the sea or around you in Hotokegaura.

Access, easy way is to take a ship from Aomori port. And get off at Sai. Enjoy and discover Japon!

Salut les gars!
Êtes-vous intéressé par le Japon spirituel? Je recommanderais d’aller à Hotokegaura
.La mer est très belle et l’air est frais. Mais si vous avez un sens à six, Hotokegaura, c’est un endroit où vous pouvez sentir le my stère. Parfois, vous semblez voir une âme disparue au-dessus de la mer ou autour de vous à Hotokegaura.
L’accès, un moyen facile est de prendre un navire depuis le port d’Aomori. Et descendez à Sai.

Profitez et découvrez le Japon!