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Japanese attraction: food and hot springs

It’s a hot spring or a Japanese restaurant!
Surprisingly, many Japanese don’t know this.

But there is one caveat.
Japanese wine is not good – not 100%, but 95%.
Still, it is largely advertised because of the narrow-mindedness characteristic of the Japanese and the propensity to get excited about inside jokes.

If you order sake, junmai sake(純米酒) is the way to go, or beer.

How to choose a hot spring

You have to decide on the quality of the hot spring, and find a 100% pure hot spring.
There can be various objections such as comfort, appearance, atmosphere and history of the facility, but the essence of a hot spring is its quality. In other words, you have to choose a hot spring that flows from the spring!

  • Choose a hot spring that flows directly from the source
  • Check the spring quality (simple hot spring, radium spring, etc.) Spring quality guide.
  • You should be interested in the concentration (pH) of hydrogen ions in the hot spring.
    Smaller is acidic, larger is alkaline
  • Alkaline removes sebum, acidity removes dead skin cells

What is a 100% pure hot spring

A real hot spring is that does not have chlorine disinfection and therefore does not reuse hot water.Most hot springs are recycle type which can be reused, so that the hot water that the previous customer is sterilized and reused.

And there is no basically addition of water from the source (except addition of temperature adjustment). In other words, a pure hot spring. It’s like a food without chemical seasonings and additives. However, it seems that the pure hot springs in Japan is around 1%.

*Although it is unavoidable to disinfect the pool with chlorine, it may be counterproductive to go to the hot springs with chlorine for health reasons.

So which hot spring should I go to?

Introducing HP to various people.
Please search by prefecture from the link below.

For example, it is Sukayu onsen (酸 ヶ 湯 温泉).

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Onsen Mark

And if you are not Japanese and want to go to real Onsen, you must know the some words of onsen which is Hot spring. As follows.

温泉OnsenOnsen Definition is here.
源泉掛け流しGensen Kakenagashi100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives or Flowing from the source.
循環式junkan shikiCirculation type. Reusing hot spring. Most fake hot springs use this method and chlorine for sterilization. That’s why you must check the word “Wake up the source”, when you go to Onsen(hot spring). Chlorination
泉質SenshitsuSpring water quality.  Please check this site. e.g. Chloride…
水素イオン指数Suiso ion sisuPotential of hydrogen. pH.  If the pH value is high, the alkalinity is strong, and if the pH value is low, the acidity is high.
日帰り温泉Higaeri OnsenDay trip to the hot springs. or drop in hot springs.  The price is about 200 to 2000 yen, and you can stay for about 2 hours.
料金RyokinThe Price, fee
露天風呂Roten BuroOpen air bath or Outdoor bath
大浴場Daiyokujopublic hot spring baths
打たせ湯Utase Yuwater fall bath
美肌効果 Bihada Kokafair skin effect

Alkaline removes sebum, acidity removes dead skin.

Strong alkalinity e.g.

Strong acidity e.g.

Hot spring map (Onsen map) Site e.g.


Recommended Japanese restaurant (Tokyo)

JapanesePrononciationExplanation and access
鮨 太一Sushi TaichiReasonable sushi restaurant for lunch at Ginza
鮨 真Sushi ShinModern sushi restaurant Roppongi
山の上YamanoueA dish loved by generals in the Edo era
Near the train station Ochanomizu
松濤はろうShotoharoA little far from the station Shibuya
三是MikoreCheap and delicious seafood.
Near Shinjuku

Japanese sake (What you can buy as a souvenir)

JaponaisPrononciationExplanation and access
田酒denshuElegant fragrance
Near Ikebukuro. Masushin Shoten
雪の茅舎yukinoboshaMagnificent fragrance
Many Hasegawa stores in Tokyo
勝山katsuyamaDatemasamune! Shogun.
Many Hasegawa stores in Tokyo

Delicious japanese sweets

JaponaisPronanciationExplication et accès
京はやしやのふぃなんしぇkyo hayashiya financierMany Kyo hayashiya stores in Tokyo
Near Shinjuku
HigashiyahigashiyaNear Ginza
自由が丘ロールJiyugaoka RollThe pastry chef of the genius of Japan, winner of the World Cup
Near Jiyugaoka

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