The attraction of Okamoto Setagaya

Proposal of One Day Trip for a just another nature experience near Tokyo

Okamoto, Setagaya-ku, was named in 1936 (Showa 11), and is a historical land with a villa of the Mitsubishi conglomerate, the founder of Nissan, and Korekiyo Takahashi(Former prime minister).

Even today, along the Kokubunji Cliff Line, there are wonderful villa-like residences, Western-style buildings and modern architecture.Above all, it is rich in greenery and has a small river, and fireflies can be seen at night (2020 is unknown).

Therefore, why not take a walk from the a Denen toshi Line Futakotamagawa, or Yoga, to enjoy the good air? Green and nature relieve stress and boost immunity.

Near the Okamoto Folk House.firefly
From near the Okamoto old folk house.Fireflies appeared here a long time ago
Location of Okamoto, Setagaya-ku

Walk example

Denen toshi Yoga Station → Kinuta Park(There is also an outdoor pool) → Vegetable vending machine →
Nishian CafeMatsumoto Memorial Music Hall and Seikado Bunko MuseumOkamoto Minkaen
Futakotamagawa Station
might be a good route.
There are many mansions (celebrities, etc.) in the meantime, and there are many attractions.

If you like Yumin whoi is a singer(荒井由美) , Matsutoya’s music class is also near here. You may want to take a stroll around here while listening to Yumin’s song “Machibuse”.

Yumin’s song really goes to Okamoto and this land.I feel terroir.

If you go a little far, there is also a farmer’s market Futakotamagawa and you can buy a lot of vegetables. It seems that they also do a beer garden at night

ファ-マ-ズマ-ケット 二子玉川(東京都)の詳細情報|東京都の直売所一覧|JAファーマーズマーケット(直売所)検索|JAファーマーズマーケット(直売所) |JAグループ
ファ-マ-ズマ-ケット 二子玉川のJA ファーマーズマーケットです。
Specifically attraction
You can see Mt. Fuji (Fujimizaka) 
Cool breeze comes without a cooler even in summer
There are many vending vegetable machine
There is a vineyard
The air is clean, so let's go get some good air!
Matsumoto Memorial Music hall, Seikado Bunko Museum, Okamoto Folk House (firefly where fireflies used to be)
Good view at Tamagawa Fireworks Festival
Charm #1 The air is crisp and clear, because it’s located on a hill so it’s cool even in summer
Tomei Expressway
Tomei Expressway

Most of Okamoto is located on high ground, and since you can see Mt. Fuji, the cool breeze comes even in summer, so if you are on the upper floors of the apartment, you do not need a air condition. And the air is flesh. Therefore, it is thought that many celebrities also live.

Attractiveness 2 vegetable vending machine
Unmanned vegetable direct sales

You can usually buy seasonal vegetables for ¥100-200. You can also encounter organic vegetables. Coin is needed.

*The photo shows the Enomoto Farm in Okamoto 1-17-6

世田谷農産物直売所マップ | 世田谷区ホームページ
Attractiveness 3 Grape picking (depending on the season, even Kiwi)!
Grape picking

There are many vineyards in Setagaya Ward forsome reason, and picking is held every year during the middle of the august.

Charm #4 Matsumoto Memorial Music hall and museum

There is a museum and a concert hall. You can enjoy music at the Matsumoto Memorial Music hallbuilt by the founder of Pioneer Co., Ltd. and the Seikado Bunko Museum.

Near Shikaido Bunko Museum
Near Seikado Bunko Museum

If you want to have tea or snacks, go to Nishian Cafe in front of Dominico school! Soba cafe Nishian

It’s not so far from the city center, but it’s a secluded area, and it has the atmosphere of Karuizawa because it was a villa area in the past.

二子玉川,用賀のそばカフェ nishiann ニシアン
二子玉川・用賀のカフェ ニシアン(nishiann)はそばやケーキ,コーヒーを緑あふれる庭を眺めながら味わえるカフェです
For those who want to experience a more secluded feeling! Go to Tamagawa Daishi! Great temple and hallow ground

Tamagawa Daishi is an underground sacred place where you can make a pilgrimage near Okamoto, although the address is not Okamoto.The great part here is that you have to go through the darkness of black before you head to the sacred place (it’s really black and you can’t see anything).Therefore, some women are screaming out loud or silent. It may be scary, but please keep your manners and visit properly.

* Personally, I think it has the same impact as Disneyland.


Tamagawa Daishi Tamashin-in worship fee ¥100 (please confirm on site)

Address: 4-13-3 Seta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 

In the end, if you want to eat japanese food near Futako-tamagawa.

I recommend you the restaurant

Tankuma Futako-tamagawa

二子玉川店 : トップページ | 京都の日本料理・懐石料理 たん熊北店


九つ井:九つ井 玉川店
九つ井 玉川店では、吟味された素材を使い、炭焼きステーキ、しゃぶしゃぶ、いろり焼き、懐石料理,自慢の古式手打ちそばなどをご用意しております。

Bon Voyage!